Informationen zu Gilwatsch, Maitingen und Hamroth im Kreis Sathmar (Satu-Mare), Rumänien
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  Hamroth, Homorodul de jos, Alsohomorod
Church and bell tower of Hamroth
My dear fellow Germans in the United States

We have once again celebrated a church festival on September 14. 2013.
Hamroth belongs to the group of the Swabian communities that regularly celebrate church festivals in Germany. Our parties are wonderful, because we have a large number of great people who show interest and participate.
We know many stories About the community, their church and their people. One story has the title "Church and bell tower of Hamroth" From: "Our homeland" by Stefan Brendli.

Some days ago, Andrea Holtzberger, who lives in Satu Mare, informed us that the stability of the tower is very worrying, the fear is that an accident might happen when they ring the bell. She asks us Hamrothers from Germany and the United States to provide financial support for the pending repair. Once we have a technical solution and a cost estimate, the Episcopate is in agreement, we will inform you.

See website map "Hamroth" or simply call one of the organizers.

HOG Hamroth
September 14. 2013

Impressum   (c) Johann Mutter